How I Film My BookTube Videos

When I get ready to film, I try to make myself feel as confident and as calm as possible. I make myself a cup of tea to relax and then I take some time to do my hair and makeup. Once I establish my dog is happy, with a new treat, it is time to get ready to film.


I have three lights that I use to try and brighten the footage. I live in an apartment building, so I don't have a lot of options when it comes to natural light. I rely on the lights to enhance the setting.

My Camera

I use a camera from canon. I don't believe it is available on Amazon anymore. I originally purchased it for work, but now use it for BookTube! Personally, I think you can tell the difference between a good quality camera and a poor one on YouTube. Hopefully, you think my footage is of good quality. 


For my microphone, I use Rode VMGO Video Mic Go Lightweight On-Camera Microphone. I purchased it on Amazon for $99.00. I had this incredibly noisy neighbor (who was later asked to leave) and wanted to make sure that my internal microphone didn't pick up the external noises. Now, it just makes the audio so much better. It was a great purchase, I can really hear the difference.


Depending on the type of video, I may have an outline or notes to assist me with my filming. If it is an unboxing or a tag, I don't have any notes. But, if it is a book review, I have some of my thoughts written out before hand to ensure I don't skip or miss any key points.

If you have any additional questions, please let me know! Be sure to subscribe to my channel, Books Are My Hart, for new videos every Monday and Friday...with some additional ones during the week, too.