25 Fun Facts About Angela

1. Angela’s birthday is New Year’s Day, January 1st!

2. Earned her bachelor’s degree at Bentley University. (She graduated in three years instead of four.)

3. Has a master’s degree in Communications from Georgetown University. Studied journalistic practices, fake news programs, film adaptations, and new media and politics.

4. She created a book club for her high school.

5. Loves Jane Austen. Angela has reread Pride and Prejudice so many times she lost count.

6. Has a teacup Maltese named Max aka TheBookishPuppy.

7. Her dog’s full name is Maximus Marcus Aurelius Hart. She loves the fact her small dog has a big name. (He has a big personality too!)

8. Admires Eloisa James, Beverly Jenkins, Rainbow Rowell, Stephanie Perkins, and Meg Cabot.

9. Tends to live tweet Hallmark movies because it is Hallmark! Hallmark Movies & Mysteries for the win!

10. Will read any genre (mystery, science fiction, literary fiction, etc.), but prefers romance!

11. Loves Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Frasier, Monk, Psych, Friends, The Office, Last Week Tonight, and Parks and Recreation.

12. Doesn’t eat meat.

13. Met her best friend in the world through BookTube.

14. Thinks the Harry Potter series is one of the finest additions to literature this century.

15. Would be happy watching anything from Sixteen Candles to Braveheart.

16. Absolutely loves Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass.

17. Doesn’t like the idea that writing should be done every day, creativity can’t be forced. Not every day can be a writing day. Instead believes writing should be planed into one’s schedule - that was the main inspiration for her 24 hour writeathon, WordsOnThePageAThon.

18. Reads at least one book a week…usually more like five.

19. Can practically recite Ever After, Home Alone, The Santa Clause, Tangled, Never Been Kissed, Frozen, and Clueless.

20. Purple everything.

21. Co-created Romantics at Hart for YouTube.

22. Coffee is a necessity for Angela to write - or simply to just exist as a human.

23. Knits…scarves…and maybe a blankets.

24. Frequently visits Starbucks.

25. Co-created The Cozy Mystery Book Club for YouTube.

26. Prefers paperbacks to hardcover books and has accumulated quite a library over the years.

27. Practically always has nail polish on.

28. Would be Luna Lovegood if she could.

29. Christmas and Halloween are her favorite holidays.

30. Will always keep reading and writing.