The Musical Theatre Book Tag

By Angela Maria Hart

1. Wicked: Favorite fictional friendship

I read this question and at first resisted the urge to write anything Harry Potter related, but I cannot help myself. Dobby loved Harry Potter! Ron and Harry. The twins. So many amazing friendships to name.

2. Sweeney Todd: Favorite villain

I tend to read books that are mostly character driven. The true antagonist of the narrative is usually self-doubt and being “one’s own worst enemy.” Those plots draw me in like nothing else.

3. Phantom of the Opera: Favorite love triangle

Love triangles!?! There have been so many love triangles, Heathcliff v. Edgar, James Potter v. Severus Snape, Tom Buchanan v. Jay Gatsby, and Edward v. Jacob. The last one mentioned was meant to make you smile.

4. The Lion King: Favorite sidekick

Dobby! He needed his own spin-off.

5. Grease: Least favorite ending

Spoiler! “Allegiant.” I’m sorry, but you can’t kill the main character after three books. I am a fan of the happily ever after. The non-happily ever after endings that writers include better have a true purpose; otherwise, I will be very unhappy and not understanding.

6. Matilda: Favorite adaptation of a book

This is the easiest question to answer: “To Kill a Mockingbird” is my favorite film adaptation of a novel.

7. Les Miserables: Favorite death in a book

I had to read this question a few times. Favorite death as in well written? Or, favorite death as in I was glad to see a particular character die?