School Life as Told By "Legally Blonde"

If Legally Blonde were real life...

Getting dressed up and embracing the first day of class. Exciting!

Sitting in class the first day, ready to soak up the learning. 

Visiting the bookstore for school supplies is a necessity for success.

Someone said something really intelligent, you never thought of before.

homework last minute on a friday - evil.png

Homework given with thirty seconds left in the class.

What do you mean the project is due one week sooner?

HOMEWORK! Time to pour some more coffee and get ready to pull an all-nighter...with the project due the next day.

when you don't quite know how to respond to someone.png

During a group meeting, you think you are saying something intelligent and contributing to the end result, yet no one seems to understand your perspective. 

When you are having a conversation about something from class and realize you have no idea what is going on.

Meeting with the academic advisor can be enlightening or frightening.

Keeping your head down so the teacher doesn't call on you. 

Study Buddy. Group study sessions can be crucial to academic success.

Write that essay!

when you have an epiphany.png

When you have an epiphany and everything you've learned that semester suddenly makes sense. 

You need (hard copy) books to write those end of semester reports.

Eating in the library, don't get caught. 

Time to give an in-class presentation and get dressed up. 

law reason free from passion.png

Always remember to bring a pen and paper for notes. Those key phrases the teacher writes on the board will be on the final exam.

Studying all night to get that A!