The Vampire Phenomenon

By Angela Maria Hart

Vampires are one of the most well-known supernatural creatures in literature. After conducting a semester long study on these magical mystical creatures, I posted three unique YouTube videos, "The Vampire Phenomenon," "Vampires a.k.a. the Others in Society," and "The Vampire Teeth." I wanted to address the vampire phenomenon and how influential these creatures have become in pop culture. 

If you have ever read a book, gone to the movies, or turned on the TV? Chances are you have read or seen a vampire related piece. There is a long history of vampires in literature. (And I am not just referring to "Dracula.")

Why have these creatures become so well-known in film and literature? In this video, I am discussing the "otherness" associated with vampires. A negative connotation or a positive trait for audiences?

If you have ever watched a vampire movie then a vampire TV show, chances are you saw two very different vampire portrayals. I wanted to talk about the different methods makeup artists and creators use to produce unique vampire adaptations.

What are your thoughts on the vampire phenomenon?