Midnight Liaisons

If you know me, you know I LOVE my paranormal romances. There is always an added suspense of pack dynamics, can they control their shifts, and so much more. I adore shifters. I always have. One of my absolute favorite series over the last year has been the Midnight Liaisons series by Jessica Sims. Technically, it is a five-book series, but there are a number of novellas that are set in the same world. I have read all of them (novellas included). If Sims put the title Midnight Liaisons on something, I read it. Plain and simple. With that being said, I have my top three picks from her series. 


1. Nicolina and Lief are everything. Nicolina is a wear-bear shifter who is about to go into heat. When a shifter woman goes into heat, she needs a partner. Wink. Wink. Her heat is also the only time she can get pregnant in Sims’s shifter world. If a shifter woman is not in heat, she can’t get pregnant. If she is in heat, she has to decide if she wants the guaranteed baby. Nicolina is alone. Her wear-bear clan is sparse. She is either related to the males or is simply **way** too young for them. The only man who the clan thinks might be appropriate is in his sixties compared to her twenty-five years of age. Nicolina doesn’t want to miss her chance to have a baby, but she doesn’t like her options. Hearing a clan elder mention his son Lief, who left the clan years ago, Nicolina has an idea. She decides to go find Lief and bring him home. Finding Lief is only half the battle though. When she finds him, Lief has been in bear form for years and is much more feral than she expected. He hasn’t spoken to another person in a long time (somewhere in the realm of sixteen years) and has blocked out a lot of his life. With the ticking clock to her heat and newfound desire to save Lief, Nicolina has a lot going on in this novella. 


2. Ryder and Hugh are completely swoonworthy. I love them. I love them. I LOVE them. Hugh is one of my favorite heroes. Period. <- Yep. I just wrote that. I get the biggest kick out of him. He is so funny and innocent. Ryder is a changeling and can conceal her supernatural side unless she is attracted to someone. If she is attracted to a man (holds his hand, kisses him, anything!), her changeling side comes forward. Trying to keep her supernatural side secret hasn’t been easy. One month before her twenty-fifth birthday, a fae prince visits her office (Midnight Liaisons Dating Agency) and informs her that she is his property, and he plans on breeding her. Yeah. Not a pretty deal. Feel free to squirm and get mad on her behalf. I did. In fact, I still do. Since the fae prince can’t be bothered to watch over Ryder, he enlists the help of a paranormal shifter…Hugh. In order to keep Ryder pure until her twenty-fifth birthday, Hugh needs to protect and guard her. Even though she is drawn to Hugh, Ryder doesn’t particularly like this arrangement. Again, totally on her side. The story takes a very interesting turn when the reader realizes that Hugh doesn’t understand the modern world. When Ryder takes Hugh to the drive-thru, it is an experience. He doesn’t know what cars are or why people need them. His dialogue is absolutely hysterical. I have read this book a number of times (probably six or so times now) and laugh every time. As far as I am concerned, this is the funniest book of the series.


3. Savannah and Connor finally get their story. In the first book, Beauty Dates Beast, the reader is told about Savannah. We learn that she was going into heat when a local wolf pack kidnapped her. Alpha Ever After is the last book in the series, but these two characters (Savannah and Connor) have been in Midnight Liaisons since the very beginning. I was waiting for their story. And I mean waiting. (I had a check-mark system and everything.) When I finally reached their book, I was not disappointed. Alpha is in the title and Connor is an alpha to his core. Now, if you have watched my videos or read my blog posts, you probably know I’m not always a fan of alphas. They are very much a hit-or-miss for me. Some alphas steal my heart. Others make my eyes roll every other line. Connor’s alpha was that perfect amount of caring and caveman. There is one scene in the novel in which he goes to the café before Savannah, wanting to get the best table he can. He scopes out the light to make sure it won’t be too bright and hurt Savannah’s eyes and then proceeds to buy everything on the menu wanting her to have her pick of items. So cute. Sims also has moments where Connor desperately wishes to care for Savannah. His goal is to make her happy. Savannah isn’t that pleased with Connor though. (If she didn’t want him, he was about to become my next book boyfriend.) Before Connor was the alpha of his pack, he was a part of the pack that kidnapped Savannah. During her heat, the two came together, resulting in a pregnancy. Remember what I wrote above about only getting pregnant during heat? Savannah resents Connor for this. Except Connor is not letting his mate or his family go that easily. This is one of my favorite shifter stories (and I’m not just talking about this series).

 All three of these recommendations are five-out-of-five stars for me.

Have you read the Midnight Liaisons series? If you did, what was your favorite book?