What I Learned Writing *ALL* Day


1. Writing is stressful.

2. But, it is also *super* fun.

3. Coffee is necessary.

4. Writing comes and goes. One hour I can produce over a thousand words. Other times, not so much.

5. Know where your local Starbucks is. 

6. Breaks are key.

7. Enjoy the experience. 

8. Know what you want to write beforehand.

9. Get your errands done the day before.

10. Have your laptop recharger nearby.

11. Keep a fresh pot of coffee on.

12. Dogs can be a distraction.

13. Dogs are the best kind of distraction.

14. Eat healthy snacks (and avoid extra sugar, since it is already in the coffee).

15. No matter what, always get back to writing!

There is a lot more