Book Review: The Boyfriend League

The Boyfriend League” by Rachel Hawthorne is aptly named. Our main character, Dani, wants nothing more than a boyfriend for the summer. Not having ever been in a relationship, Dani imagines having a gorgeous baseball player boyfriend on her arm. Going into her senior year of high school, Dani thinks it is about time she and her best friend, Bird, seriously pursue relationships.

In order to meet more men, Dani convinces her parents to invite a visiting baseball player to live with them. The local team ran out of locations for the players to stay and asked for local families to take them in. Dani believes that her new “roommate” will take her out to events and introduce her to his fellow teammates. The first step in her master plan is to make friends with this ballplayer.

However, once the new player, Jason, arrives, Dani’s plan goes off the rails. Instead of wanting him to introduce her to his friends, Dani just wants him. But, Dani is awkward with Jason, lacks self-confidence, and her parents would never approve. What is a girl to do?

“The Boyfriend League” is a clean YA/NA romance read. I read it in one night and thoroughly enjoyed the writing style. Hawthorne is able to paint a picture in each scene. Well-done!