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PCA Presentation



I will be presenting my romance genre-related research this April 18th!

For more information, please visit the PCA Website for additional conference information.

My Abstract: The romance genre emerged as a counterpublic; a way for women to write books about women for women. Romance novels place female protagonists at the center of a story, justifying their wants and desires. Thus, placing emphasis on the female experience and viewpoint. The book covers that house these words are no different. The covers of romance novels have become a way to depict the female gaze. When walking into a bookstore, it is very easy to tell which books belong in the romance section due to their recognizable and iconic nature. The growth, accessibility, and affordability of e-books has led to an evolution in romance novel book covers. With newfound freedom due to electronic devices as well as changes in the genre, romance novel covers capture and embody the female gaze in the modern publishing age.

Key Words & Phrases: Female Gaze, Feminism, Gender Studies, Women’s Studies, Romance Genre, Bodice Ripper, and Book Cover(s).