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Garage Sale Mysteries: The Mask Murder | Watch and Tweet Along With Me

Hello My Fellow Sleuthers! It is time for the next installment in the Garage Sale Mysteries series, The Mast Murder. I will be watching and tweeting along on August 12th at 9:00 PM EST. Be sure to join the sleuthing fun!

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Garage Sale Mysteries: The Mask Murder
Garage sale guru Jennifer Shannon (Loughlin) discovers a dead body in the storage locker she and business partner Dani (Strange) have purchased at auction. When further inspection of the locker’s contents reveals plaster “death masks,” and one of those masks perfectly matches the dead woman’s visage, Jennifer’s “inner sleuth” kicks into overdrive as she works to piece together the clues that will lead to the killer. Starring Lori LoughlinSarah Strange and Steve Bacic.