Hailey Dean: A Will to Kill

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Hailey Dean is back for her third new movie in a row on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries! How lucky are we sleuthers?! I'm so excited for this particular movie because we are FINALLY (and I mean finally) going to find out who killed Hailey's fiancé, Will. Get it? A Will to Kill. Oh, the cozy mystery puns. I love them so much. Will's death has been an ongoing mystery within a mystery series.

The brainchild of Nancy Grace, Hailey Dean, was a prosecutor who turned therapist after Will's murder. His death changed the entire course of her life, yet she's never learned who did it or why Will was murdered. Fifteen years later, Hailey wants, no, needs answers. As a longtime viewer and fan of Hailey Dean, I need answers, too. (No kidding, I have been waiting for this case to get solved since the first movie.) Will’s brother, Danny, Hailey's best friend, Detective Fincher, and Will’s college teammate, Clyde, team up with Hailey to solve the case. 

When Hailey realizes that she may have been the murderer’s target, and that there is a missing college classmate tied to Will's murder, several of her former college friends become suspects...how intriguing does this sound? In hopes of solving both mysteries (Will's and her missing friend), Hailey follows the clues to reveal a high-stakes real estate scandal and years of cover-ups. Say, what? I'm setting an alarm on my phone so that I don't miss a minute of this mystery. 

If you want more information about A Will to Kill, be sure to visit Hallmark.com and watch the official trailer. I get super emotional watching it; the trailer makes me want to start a countdown to the premiere.

Also, if you are an Instagram user like myself, be sure to check out the Hailey Dean takeover that Hallmark launched for the month of June. They have clues and behind-the-scenes info that true sleuthers will want to see. (I promise, it is worth checking out.) I think I've liked every single one of their posts. 

Be sure to join me for this epic conclusion, Sunday (June 17th) at 9:00 PM EST. I will be live tweeting using the hashtags #HaileyDean and #sleuthers. I am beyond excited to see this movie. I've loved Kellie Martin since Mystery Girl and Hailey Dean has yet to disappoint. Seriously, Hailey has the sweetest boyfriend, a best friend everyone needs, an understanding detective on her side, and an awesome wardrobe. These movies are everything a cozy mystery lover could ever want. 

If you have any theories about Will's killer, be sure to comment below or tweet to me during the premiere. I would love to know what your hunches are. Personally, I think there is something about Clyde, but I don't know what...If you have another killer in mind, please let me know your thoughts and theories. 

See you Sunday night my fellow sleuthers + keep sleuthing!