10 Bookish Fun Facts About Me

By Angela Maria Hart

This Savage Song

1. I can only drink tea when I am reading, not coffee. (Although I tend to drink coffee for everything else.)

2. My dog, Max, keeps me company when I read.

3. Romance. YA. NA. Mystery. Thrillers. I read everything.

4. I have two mugs that I prefer to drink tea from when I’m reading. One of them is Jane Austen related. The other mug is charcoal and extra large.

5. When I read, I keep a pen and highlighter close by to make notes with.

6. I write in the margins when I read. I am an advocate to keep marginalia alive and well.

Angela's Library

7. While I love libraries, I prefer to purchase my books (because I write in the margins).

8. Music is amazing, but I can’t listen to it when I’m reading.

9. When I am reading an amazing book, I will stay up to finish it. There are times I have gone to bed at 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning because a book was too amazing to put down.

10. I believe in order to write, I need to read. Reading and writing go hand in hand.