Twist Your Dickens

The Kennedy Center included a performance by "The Second City" and their rendition of Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol" for the holiday season. Specifically, their performance was "Twist Your Dickens" by Peter Gwinn and Bobby Mort. There was a nice array of classic Dickens, modern humor, and spontaneity. The cast did a wonderful job included improvised lines during the performance a number of times.

The show was hysterical, easily earning five stars. I had a front row seat, so I felt apart of the program. It should be mentioned this is not a show for the whole family. Anyone under 16 or so may not be old enough to hear some of the references, nor would they understand them. Those of an appropriate age would enjoy the show - from Cratchit using an iPad for business purposes to the ghost of Christmas's past being 80s themed. The costumes, scenery, and casting was all well done.

Plus, they involved the audience. Prior to the show, people had the option to write down their most embarrassing confessions on a piece of paper. During the performance, a cast member would reveal some of them during the live show, adding a unique layer and feel to that particular scene. I found that particular inclusion to be extraordinary clever and enjoyable. One of the confessions made me laugh so hard I cried.

If the Kennedy Center brings the show back next year, I may go again. With the improvisation elements, it would not be the same show:)