January 2017 BoxyCharm Unboxing

The BoxyCharm magic has arrived and I could not be more excited for the beauty goodies the team selected for January 2017!

1. Gorge Sponge! This sponge's write-up spoke to my beauty soul. The summary of waking up tired skin makes me extremely hopeful. It is made entirely of preservative-free konjac root and is designed to soothe irritated skin. I cannot wait to try this tomorrow morning...or even tonight.






2. Vintage Double HighLighter! Last month, I received a blush from Vintage and find the pigment shimmery and long-lasting. (I love glitter and anything that shines.) A highlighter, from Vintage, too? Dreams come true!

I wanted to also note that the packaging for Vintage makes me smile. It is classic with the gold roses on the cover and calligraphy writing across the side. Simply put, it looks expensive and well-thought out. You can tell before even looking at the product that it will be something worth writing home about. 




3. Adesse Nail Polish! An Adesse nail polish top coat to provide a matte finish! I wear nail polish practically *every* day. Adding a matte top coat to prolong my nail polish sounds PERFECT!








4. A fan brush from So Susan! I have several thicker fan brushes that I use on a regular basis. I have added a similar brush style to my Sephora cart several times. (I have always saved it for later wanting to keep my orders reasonable.) BoxyCharm truly sent me something I wanted! Thank you BoxyCharm!






5. Bronzer from PÜR! We are officially in the middle of winter and I desperately wanted a new bronzer. I had been researching bronzers from Mac and was already putting an order together when I received this package.

While I will use this bronzer, I think that it is a little dark for my pale skin tone. I will have to use a light touch (with my new fan brush from So Susan) and some foundation to properly blend it.

Those are all my lovely selections from BoxyCharm for January 2017!

My January 2017 BoxyCharm items and their monetary values! 

My January 2017 BoxyCharm items and their monetary values! 

Overall, each item is a success. FIVE STARS!