Book Review: The Selection Series

 by Angela Maria Hart

The Selection Series by Kiera Cass is The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor. If you are not a fan of The Bachelor or if you are not a fan of The Hunger Games, you should not pick up this series; it combines those two entities into one. I like watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but I watch it more so because I find it entertaining versus I truly believe in the process. I enjoy watching how everything unfolds and how people interact in this strange contrived environment. I am not necessarily watching that show thinking “true love is going to conquer all in the end.” I find it more entertaining than I do realistic.

In The Selection Series, all of the girls in this dystopian world are entered into the process, then a select number are chosen to participate in the process. They take part in this Bachelor-inspired process. It should be noted that the matchmaking process does not end after the first book, so if someone is not a fan of this idea of ‘thirty-five girls enter, one girl is going to win his heart’ then the series is not something you should pick up. The process continues throughout all three books. However, the number of girls competing for the prince’s heart dwindles until he ends up with someone in the last book.

I did want to mention the book covers. The novels are red, white, and blue (the colors of the American flag) paying homage to the protagonist’s name, America Singer. Whoever designed these covers did an amazing job incorporating these elements into the design.

If you know of any novels with a Bachelor-inspired twist, please let me know if you recommend them because I have not come across anything remotely similar to the series, yet I found the premise really intriguing.