What I Need To Write

By Angela Maria Hart

While writing, I have five requirements: a computer, caffeine, school supplies, music, and my writing companion.

1. A Computer (Without Wifi)

On a daily basis, I receive at least fifty emails. If I were to be typing with the Internet readily available, I would not be able to achieve anything. As a writer, I need to concentrate.

2. Caffeine = Coffee + Tea

While most people prefer tea or coffee, I enjoy both. Having a steaming cup of coffee by my side is a necessity.

3. School Supplies

I always reach for post-it notes to jot down ideas. If I am planning something out, I need my notebooks, markers, pens, and ruler.

4. Music

Preferably classical. My phone’s Pandora application is always on.

5. My Puppy

My dog, Max, is my writing companion. He sits on my lap or by my side while I type away. Max is the best writing partner I could hope for.

Writing can be extraordinary fun (when you know your characters are going somewhere important) or painful (when scenes or stories are not panning out). I try to take little breaks every so often and refill my coffee when needed. I hope to finish more projects soon!