Book Review: "Getting the Girl" by Markus Zusak

By Angela Maria Hart

Markus Zusak is best known for being the author of The Book Thief. One of his lesser known novels is Getting the Girl. Zusak’s writing style is direct and does not include a lot of unnecessary details, making it really easy to fall into the story. I bought this book a long time ago and recently picked it up. I read it in one sitting. Unlike most epistolary novels, the main character, Cameron, is not really writing to anyone. He is simply writing down his thoughts for himself. If anything, these are rather journal entries or letters to himself. At the end of each chapter, Cameron reflects on what just occurred and inserts his own inner monologue into the scene. The entries break up the typical narrative that stories tend to take. By having Cameron reflect, the reader gets the chance to “see inside his head” and learn more about his personality.

Cameron and his brother, Rube, have always been different. Rube has always had it easy, being popular with his mates and women of all types. To juxtapose Rube, Cameron is rather soft spoken and has never had a real romantic relationship. When Cameron starts to have feelings for one of Rube’s ex-girlfriends, the story picks up. I genuinely enjoyed this novel.