Book Review: "A Novel Idea"

By Angela Maria Hart

A Novel Idea is a book written for readers. The main character, Norah, loves to read novels more than anything else in the world, so when she’s lacking in extracurricular activities, Norah decides to create a Book Club. As an avid reader, myself, I appreciated that particular aspect of her personality. Norah’s love of books ranges from romance to science fiction, mirroring my own range of book selections. If someone is an occasional reader, they may not gravitate to her character in the same manner I did, but if a true bibliophile picks this book up, they will certainly enjoy her character and the storyline.

In a certain way, A Novel Idea reminded me of the Jane Austen Book Club. Characters would get together to discuss stories, but their personal relationships became the focus versus them discussing the novels at hand. (As the story progresses, this will become more apparent.) Similar to Clueless, in which the main character, Cher, is trying to impress someone by sending herself flowers, Norah attempts to do the same. Just like Cher, Norah is unaware of every character’s true personality and desires.

It was fun to see different relationships develop, characters mature, and various outcomes. Some of the end stories may not be what the reader anticipated when they started the novel. In the end, it was definitely a book I would mention to people who enjoy reading. It is a really quick read. I finished it in one afternoon; but, I will remember it for a long time because I immensely enjoyed it. I highly recommend this book, especially if someone loves young adult books and prefers the library to parties because that’s something that is cited a couple of times throughout the novel.