8 Fun Facts About Max

At this point, if you have been reading my articles, following me online, or seen any of my BookTube videos, then you have seen Max. He is my baby Maltese, whom I adore and reference constantly. Here are some facts to learn more about my sweetheart:

1. He is exactly five pounds.

2. Max is convinced that my washing machine is dangerous; he barks whenever I do laundry. 

3. He has a tendency to fall asleep behind my laptop while I'm typing. After all this time, I think he is used to my writing schedule.

4. Every evening, he tries to take over the bed. He falls asleep right in the middle.

5. I try to take him with me as much as possible. He is a really good walking companion. 

6. I can never leave my tea unattended because he always tries to take a sip. I am not sure why.

7. Max has some toys that are larger than himself.

8. Like all dogs, he is afraid of taking a bath...I have the scars to prove it.