Goodreads Retweeted Me!

GOODREADS RETWEETED ME! Goodreads retweeted me! Goodreads retweeted me! To their 2.6 million followers, almost an hour ago. Talk about an amazing early Christmas present. Not only am I active on Goodreads (on a daily basis), but ever since I joined Twitter in 2014, I have been following Goodreads. This retweet (and featured picture of my baby) made my day.

Now, I can officially say that my dog, Max, is a member of the bookish community, too. Isn't he the cutest?

I posted the picture above (using the hashtag #GoodreadsWithAView) on December 1, 2016, after I received last month's Uppercase box. The November selections included a signed copy of "The Sun is Also a Star." Thanks to Uppercase's inspiration, my favorite social media outlet retweeted me. Thank you to Goodreads! Thank you to Uppercase! And, thank you to my very photogenic dog!

What a great way to start Christmas break!