The Gilmores are Back!

I have seen every episode of "Gilmore Girls" multiple times. When I heard they were reviving one of my all-time favorite shows (on Netflix), I had reservations. But, there was no universe in which I was not waking up at 12:01 AM to watch "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life."

My dog, Max, kept me company for the binge-watching fest and I wanted to share some of my post-viewing thoughts.



To be honest, I am disappointed in the morally ambiguous Rory. I'm not judging Rory for her lack of stability nor for not finding her calling profession-wise. I am not proud of the youngest Gilmore for her ongoing affair with an engaged Logan. What, cheating with Dean didn't teach her anything?

Not only did she cheat on her boyfriend, Paul, with Logan, but Rory also had a one-night stand. Every time Rory did something thoughtless, I said, "Poor Paul," under my breath. While Paul may not have been one of the loves of Rory's life, he should not be treated that way.


It took me about an hour to find out that Lorelei and Luke were not married. The couple live with one another and briefly consider having a child. Luke cooks for Lorelei and helps her at the Inn when needed (since there is no Sookie). 

Luke and Lorelei are happy for the most part. After watching their relationship from the beginning, I was hoping for a true "happily ever after." On the bright side, the pair are almost there. By the end of "Fall," they were finally ready for their moment!


Poor Emily! Poor Emily! Poor Emily! As far as I am concerned, Emily Gilmore is one of the most well written characters in all of television history. I've always been an Emily fan. After losing her husband, Richard, Emily is coping with her life without him. Kelly Bishop is an incredible actress. "A Year in a Life" demonstrates her phenomenal talent. While Lorelei was delivering her monologue in "Fall" about her birthday with Richard, I was crying because of Emily's reaction.

Random Thoughts

The Lifetime movie titles, television show name inclusions, a Zoella pop culture reference from Taylor, the revolving door of celebrity chefs at the Dragon Fly Inn, Luke's fake Wi-Fi passwords, and witty banter are everything old fans expect.

In all honesty, I was expecting more coffee drinking and literary references. There were a few, but not as many as I was hoping for. Lorelei's end monologue saying, "I was getting coffee and I should have known it would have something to do with coffee. Everything in my life has something to do with coffee. I believe in a former life, I was coffee," made me smile. Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!

On a random note, Paris Geller had the best scene of the entire reboot. Mad at her soon to be ex-husband, Doyle, Paris is thrown off when she sees an old crush, Tristan. Her adult success and high school persona clash against a sea of insecurity.

Paris Geller has always been of my favorite characters from "Gilmore Girls." The reboot demonstrated why I adored her.

The Ending!

The last four words of the show, "Mom, I'm pregnant." Now, I need a sequel or part two to know for certain who the father is. Is it Logan? Was there another love not featured? Is it Paul's? (Please don't let it be Paul's baby.) Who is the father of Rory's baby? I need to know!